Season 1, Episode 7: You Will Never Leave This Place

The great thing about mutinies is that they always go super smoothly with no problems at all! Also, Kai shares a not-so-fun fact, X makes another new friend, and everyone agrees the Councillor still sucks.




X: I had a pet mouse, once, and I made a maze for it to run through. It escaped the maze onto a lab table, and then escaped the lab table into my hands. Next, it escaped my hands and flopped onto the floor, where it immediately began searching for yet another escape.


I remember that I felt so sad for this little creature, and its eternal, pointless quest for escape. Because... where could it eventually hope to escape to?


It’s Girl In Space.

[[SFX: INTRO MUSIC, 1:10]]


[[SFX: Cavatica, Cockpit Pod. Enforcer One has been pumping atmo into the Cavatica since the Communications Pod breakaway, and the air is becoming breathable. It also now carries sound.]]

X: [[Voice echoes slightly]] Day 10,318, hour 21:03. Kai and I are currently hanging out in the Cavatica’s defunct cockpit pod, celebrating our friendship!

Well, technically, we’re waiting for Thor and Chance to meet up with us prior to the Caldwell Enterprises debrief aboard the Enforcer One.

And... technically, Kai is waiting for Thor and Chance to arrive. I’m hiding inside of a gutted electrical panel because, for whatever reason, there’s an order out to all Caldwell Enterprises personnel to shoot me on sight.

Apparently, I make for a convenient scapegoat. Or maybe they’ve just decided that I’m more trouble than I’m worth.

Either way… I don’t know. I prefer to think that I don’t deserve it?

I mean, Caldwell Enterprises was pretty much ripe for a mutiny. I just… nudged it along. Well, Kai co-nudged it, but I said I’d take the fall for it because Kai is a good person and I’m just… I don’t know.

Anyway, we’re mutinying! Hence the me hiding and Kai pre-de-briefing the others. Pre… pre-briefing? Pre-de… Informing. Yessss.

[[SFX: Shifts around]]

[[Reflectively]] This might sound weird, but... being enclosed within this panel is kind of... soothing. Even beyond the fact that it’s keeping me from potentially getting shot.


I’ve been thinking back to Day 10,303, when I first saw the Caldwell Enterprises fleet moving toward the Cavatica. How I was so alone then, but how I had made my peace with being alone. How I haven’t been alone since the fleet’s arrival.

Well, okay, I get bathroom breaks -- which the Caldwell Enterprises people delicately call “bio breaks” -- during which I’m alone for a couple moments, but… there’s usually someone lurking outside the door haranguing me to “hurry up”, which isn’t really conducive to any meaningful reflection.

I think this is reprieve.

Invisibility, oneness with the wires, the unseen inner workings of the station, where I can sit and be quiet and think.

Though… I feel like that sounds bad. I think I like having people in my life again, especially friends -- but I also kind of miss the solitude. The peace. The control. [[Frowns, reconsiders word choice]] ...I mean, not that I was ever really in control of anything before they arrived, either. Maybe I mean more the simplicity. All I had to worry about was me.

Well, and Charlotte.

[[Thinks]] And Ra.

[[SFX: The Cavatica makes falling-apart sounds]]

And the Cavatica falling apart.

[[Frowns]] And those little potato-destroying insects that I haven’t seen in a suspiciously long time.


These days, it’s all mutiny and guns and Councillors and psychological evaluations and tattoos and IVs and little old ladies getting their legs blown off and the constant, constant presence of other people.

I didn’t ask for it.

[[Pause]] But… I don’t hate it?

It’s interesting, at least.

And friendship! I pretty much have my own Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm now. Maybe after all of this is done, I can --

Kai: [[Background, slightly muffled]] X, can you stop recording for a while, please? They’re coming.

X: [[Lowered voice]] Ooooh. Kai says Thor and Chance are coming. I’ll nix the stream-of-conscious updates, but leave the recorder running. For… you know. Posterity or whatever.

[[SFX: Footsteps approaching]]

Thor: Hey Kai. What’s with the secret meeting?

Chance: Yeah, we’re supposed to report to the Enforcer One A.S.A.P. This is… whichever letters mean the opposite of that.

Kai: [[Calmly, matter-of-factly]] We’ll head over there in a minute. I just wanted to talk through a few Security Team things first.

Thor: Sure. What’s up?

Kai: Something’s… not sitting right with me. I know HQ said Chen stepped down voluntarily, but… I know him. We’ve been through a lot together. We all have. He doesn’t step down. Or if he did, he would have at least mentioned it to us first.

Chance: [[Shrugs it off]] Maybe he didn’t have time.

Thor: [[Catches on, worried]] You think something happened to him, and they’re not telling us?

Chance: [[Cuts in, frowning]] Wait, are you saying they’re… lying to us? Why would they bother lying to us, especially when we’re contractually obligated to follow their orders?

Kai: [[Mildly]] I don’t know -- and I’m not accusing anyone of anything, Chance. I simply think the situation warrants a closer look.

Thor: [[Gasps]] What if Experiment Girl got to him? They said she freaked out and escaped… Though… wait. [[Frowns, looks at Kai.]] Weren’t you the one guarding her?

Chance: [[Catches on; To Kai]] Did she get to you? [[Increasingly horrified]] Did she reprogram you to serve her?!

Kai: [[Sighs wearily in facepalm manner]] For the forty-ninth time, Chance, I am not a robot. [[Pause]] But… this news about Chen… I think there’s more to the story than they’re telling us.

Thor: Think Chen finally said or did something to piss off the Senior Councillor?

Kai: Something like that. Earlier today, I went back to the Cavatica’s cabin pod with X, but when we got there, her mother’s body was missing. The fungus was gone, too. [[Brief pause, then significantly:]] And there was a Fixer poking around in an adjacent room.

Thor: [[Finally understands the gravity of the situation.]] Oh.

Kai: [[Significantly]] Yeah. [[Resumes story]] And that’s when the Fixer told me my clearance code had been revoked, and ordered me to stun and arrest X.

Thor: Why?

Kai: [[Mildly]] She... didn’t say.

Chance: Wait, so… you didn’t do it? Are you insane?!

Kai: No. In fact, I am beginning to suspect that I possess one of the saner minds within an immediate light-year radius.

Thor: So… then what? Where’s X?

Kai: Well, the whole situation felt... off. So I decided to go with my gut...

Chance: But you don’t have --

Kai: [[Irritably]] Yes, Chance. I know that I do not possess an intestinal tract. I am speaking figuratively. [[Continues]] I decided to follow my instincts and ascertain the truth before taking any sort of irrevocable action.

Chance: Okay. So… things can’t be that bad. I mean, it's not like the Fixer arrested you or anything. She’s just after X. I’m sure when we find X, management will restore your codes and everything will be all right again.

Kai: [[Uncomfortably]] I... may have assisted X and secured our escape with the delivery of a… minor flesh wound to the Fixer.

[[Momentary silence]]

Thor: You’re talking about corporate mutiny.

Kai: Yes.

Thor: Hmm. [[Brief pause]] Okay. I’m in.

Kai: [[Surprised]] Really?

Thor: [[Snorts, shrugs]] At this point, Caldwell Enterprises owes me six weeks of back pay. If they wanted my loyalty, they had their chance to buy it.

Kai: Huh. Okay. Chance?

Chance: [[Conflicted]] I don’t know. I’m… I’m kind of not okay with this. You can’t just decide not to follow orders whenever you “feel” like it. I mean, no offense, Kai, but it sounds like X has brainwashed you to side with her and screw over Caldwell Enterprises. After they've given you, like, everything.

Thor: [[Mutters]] Given and taken away.

Kai: I haven’t been brainwashed, Chance, and I’m not trying to convince you to choose a particular side. I’m simply presenting you with all the information you need to make a rational decision.

Chance: [[Upset]] Mutiny isn’t rational, Kai! I mean, what’s your endgame? Force your friends and coworkers to “join you or die”? Send the fleet back to home base and… and live “happily ever after” out here with some random clone on a research station that’s probably gonna explode within the next couple days? [[Exhales]] If this is what your “gut” is telling you to do… I’m out. Sorry.

[[SFX: Feet shifting, then heading down the hall, fading out. A door opens in the distance, then closes.]]

Thor: So… now what?

Kai: [[Seems surprised]] Uh… I had kind of planned on both of you joining me.

Thor: Huh.

[[Brief awkward silence]]

Thor: So… I’m assuming Experiment Girl is hiding inside of that electrical panel over there?

X: Uh. No one in here but us wires.

Thor: [[Rolls her eyes]] Come on out, X. I’m not gonna shoot you.

[[SFX: Locker opening. X steps out.]]

X: [[Casually]] Hey. [[Brushes dust, real or imagined, off of her pants]] So… even though that didn’t really go like we had planned, I still want to rescue Chen and get my mother’s body back from the Enforcer One. But I’d totally understand if either or both of you wanted to go tell Chance you were just kidding and join him in stopping me.

Kai: [[Firmly]] No. We’re doing the right thing.

Thor: And I'm sick of working pro bono, so I’m pretty much like, “Screw everyone” at this point. [[Pause]] Well, except for you guys, obviously.

X: Obviously.


Kai: All right. We need to get aboard Enforcer One and find Chen. Any questions?

X: Oh! Actually, yeah. I'm wondering how this is all going to --

Thor: [[Interrupts X]] We're good. Let's move.

X: Hokay.

[[SFX: They exit the room, jog down the hall; fadeout.]]

[[SFX: Transition]]


[[SFX: Cavatica, Dash Core]]

X: So... we’re about to enter the remote connector that leads from the Cavatica to the Enforcer One. Thor’s making sure the way is clear for us and then getting us through the Enforcer One’s airlock, since her codes still work.

[[Brief pause]]

Bleh. And they must still be pumping in atmo from the Enforcer One, because the garbage-y smell is once again quite pervasive.

[[SFX: Static]]

Thor: [[Voice distorted by comm]] All clear.

Kai: [[Quietly]] There’s the signal. You ready?

X: Yep.

[[SFX: Footsteps: Kai’s boots and X’s bare feet.]]

X: [[Lowers voice]] Oh man. It’s like we’re approaching the electrical bunker to turn the island’s power back on, though this time we’re on the lookout for velociraptors from all sides, and Mr. Arnold’s severed arm is totally not going to drop onto my shoulder from a bunch of creepy pipes in the shadows. You know???

Kai: I very seldom understand what you’re talking about.

X: That’s okay. Once we’re back on the Cavatica, I’m going to introduce you to the best movie ever made.

Kai: Citizen Kane?

X: [[Perplexed and disgusted]] Um, no?!

Kai: *The Godfather*?

X: No.


[[SFX: Short burst of static. Their footsteps stop.]]

Council Member 1: [[Distorted over comm]] This message is for rogue entity Kai. It has come to our attention that you have made a series of very, very unfortunate decisions. If you surrender now, you --

[[SFX: Beep, click, crunch as Kai tosses the comm onto the ground and steps on it.]]

X: Nice.

Kai: You were correct earlier in your assessment of that guy’s suckiness. Come on. We need to keep moving.

X: Roger that. [[Pause]] Hey Kai, what are the odds that we’re walking toward our very painful and untimely deaths?

Kai: Remember what I told you I was for, earlier?

X: Um. Danger?

Kai: Correct. Trust me. We’re going to be just fine.

[[SFX: Airlock hiss, door opening. Thor is there to greet them.]]

[[SFX: Enforcer One sounds in background]]

Thor: All right. Looks like either Chance hasn’t sold us out yet, or they’re trying to lull me into a false sense of security. Either way, my codes still work. For now. I’ll stay here to guard our exit and make sure the airlocks don’t fully engage.

X: How?

Thor: A little trick called “keeping one of my boots wedged in the doorframe”. [[Pause, then to Kai:]] Killbot, where’s your comm?

Kai: Out of commission.

X: It got stomped. Very dramatically.

Thor: Ooookay. Visual confirmation it is.

X: [[Slightly concerned]] Also, shouldn’t you be at that debriefing?

Thor: [[Drily]] I have a feeling that at this point, shutting myself into a conference room with the Councillor would do everyone more harm than good. Now, hurry up. My glamorous new life’s not going to live itself.

[[SFX: Footsteps resume]]

X: [[Into recorder, quietly]] All right. We’re here on the Enforcer One, where we intend to rescue Chen and retrieve my mother’s body. I’m still not really sure why Thor’s helping us, but… Oh. Kai, can you lead us to where they might be holding Chen?

Kai: We’re headed there now.

X: [[Blushes]] Ah, good. Sorry. I’m just trying to process everything, and I’ve recently learned that when I’m nervous, I tend to ramble.

Kai: No need to apologize.

[[SFX: Door opens, stage right]]

Dani: [[Stage right; Unsteadily, nervously]] Stop! I mean, halt!

[[SFX: Gun charging, stage right]]

Kai: [[Sounds mildly offended]] ...Really? They sent the intern to stop us?

X: What’s an intern?

Kai: Unpaid intellectual laborer. And hot beverage provider.

X: [[Makes a face]] Oh. Wow, that sucks. [[To Dani]] I’m sorry you have to be an intern. And that they sent you to shoot us. We actually don’t want to hurt you. What’s your name?

Dani: [[Nervously]] Dani? I mean, Dr. Weiss?

X: Dr. Weiss, it’s nice to meet you. I’m X, and this is Kai. So -- why are you an intern?

Dani: [[Brightens]] Oh! I’m working on my doctorate. I’m an epigeneticist -- well, I’ll be one eventually.

X: Oooh! Epigenetics is fascinating! What are your thoughts on pre-responsive development in botanical --

Kai: [[Interrupts her]] Um, X…

X: Oh right. Our mission. So… we’re going to save Captain Miles Chen and retrieve my mother’s body. Want to come with us?

Dani: Wait, what happened to Captain Chen?

X: That’s what we’re going to find out. But we’re pretty sure it’s something bad.

Dani: Oh. [[Considers]] I haven’t told anyone this, but on our initial approach toward the Cavatica, I got super velocity-sick and threw up all over the deck. And Captain Chen’s shoes. But he was super nice about it and made sure I was okay. He told me to hydrate better next time and brought me some water.

X: [[Smiles]] He’s a good person.

Dani: And totally cute. [[Blushes]] Aaah! Why am I telling you all of this? [[Brandishes gun]] I’m supposed to make both of you come with me.

X: What if we don’t?

Dani: Uh, then I’m supposed to shoot you.

X: That sounds decidedly unpleasant for all of us. Here’s a counter-offer: you come with us to save Chen, then join us aboard the Cavatica as our resident epigeneticist, and we’ll all live happily ever after?

Dani: What about my grant?

X: Oh. Right… I guess we can’t pay you.

Dani: [[Disappointed]] So… you’re just offering me another internship.

X: Huh. Yeah. I can’t really ask you in good conscience to --

Kai: Good grief. Here.

[[SFX: Kai steps forward and takes Dani’s gun from her, clicks the safety, and holsters it.]]

Dani: Oh. That was fast.

Kai: Thank you.

X: Oooh, can I have her gun?

Kai: [[To X]] No. [[To Dani]] Dani, please come with us.

Dani: [[Crestfallen]] Oh. Am I a hostage now?

X: No!

Kai: Yes.

X: Ah, well, then I guess yes, but in a nice way! We won’t hurt you --

Kai: [[Interrupts X]] Unless you do something to compromise our mission.

X: [[Continues as though uninterrupted]] -- and I’ll make you an amazing dinner of real food when we’re back on the Cavatica that’ll have you renouncing those disgusting food pellets in no time! How does that sound?

[[SFX: Small bump, stage right]]

X: ...Did you just kick Kai in the shin?

Dani: [[Shrugs]] I thought I should exercise all of my options before resigning myself to hostage status. I forgot that there was a robot on the Security Team.

Kai: I’m not -- ugh. Let’s move. You and Dani take the lead. Turn right at the end of this hallway, then step into the elevator and hit “four”.

X: Will do.

[[SFX: They begin moving]]

Kai: And Dani, please do not kick me anymore. It doesn’t hurt, but it is annoying.

Dani: [[Resigned, perhaps a bit sheepish]] All right.

X: [[Still excited]] Oh man. You just wait until we get back aboard the Cavatica. I’m going to make a Provençal Tian, covered in cheese, of course, and roasted until it’s all crispy and bubbly around the edges, and then we’re all going to sit down and watch the best movie ever made…

[[SFX: Transition]]


[[SFX: Enforcer One]]

X: [[Whispers]] Chen? [[Pause, then a little louder]] Captain Miles Chen?

Chen: [[Groans weakly in the distance; it echoes]]

Kai: [[Points off into the distance]] That's the one. Cell block J.

[[SFX: Hurried footsteps]]

X: [[As they move]] Oh man, this place is huge. Why does the Enforcer One have so many prison cells? Like, are they usually used for storage or something?

Kai: [[Uncomfortably]] In a way...

Dani: [[Frowns]] Actually, Dr. Keane told me that before the Enforcer One was decommissioned, it was a transport for human cargo. But it was perfect for this mission, because we could use the cells for specimen storage.

X: [[Stops moving; silence]] Uh… Human… cargo? [[Pause]] Specimen storage?

Dani: Yeah. We didn’t know what we’d find out here, and wanted to be prepared to retrieve any and all viable life forms.

X: [[Tries to make sense of this]] Because of the... divergences caused by Ra’s alternate radiation?

Dani: No, because... you know, plants and animals? Actual biological life?

X: I don’t get it.

Kai: [[To X]] Wait… do you not know?

X: [[Frustrated]] a.) Know what? and b.) obviously not.

Kai: The biological specimens back on the Cavatica… they’re the last of it.

X: Last of what?

Kai: Life.

Dani: [[Simultaneously]] Life.

X: [[Pause as she digests this information.]] ...What?!

[[SFX: Momentary silence, during which Chen groans again, obviously in pain.]]

X: Right -- priorities. Gotta help Chen. [[Stares at them for a second, then starts moving backward toward Chen’s voice, jabbing her finger at them.]] But after we get him free, I am going to be asking you some serious questions.

Chen: [[Groggily, attempts to sit up, though he is very badly wounded. Disbelieving tone:]] X? What are you doing here?

X: [[To others]] Over here! [[Brightly; excited to see Chen]] Chen! Hey! Kai and I are having a mutiny! It’s very exciting. But also a little weird. Which is maybe to be expected.

Kai: [[Approaches]] Here -- I have Thor’s clearance key. [[SFX: Beep, then prison door opening.]] Are you all right, sir?

Chen: [[Obviously lying:]] Yeah. I’ll be… fine. Where’s Thor? And Chance?

Kai: Thor’s holding the doors for us. They don’t know she’s in on this whole thing yet, so they haven’t deactivated her codes. [[Brief pause]] Chance had some thinking to do.

Chen: That’s too bad. We could use him. [[Pauses, confused.]] Is that the Science Division intern?

X: Yeah.

Dani: [[Waves]] Hi. Sorry again about throwing up on you.

X: [[Over her shoulder]] Dani, you should probably stay out in the hall so the cell’s camera/sensor-thing doesn’t pick you up. [[To Chen]] She’s our hostage! And an epigeneticist. Also, what happened to you? Why did they lock you up like this? I mean, last I saw, you were just standing in the hallway with the Councillor.

Chen: [[Grimly]] Long story. Let’s just say the Councillor and I have opposing views on leadership.

X: Oooh. Are you mutinying, too?

Chen: There doesn’t seem to be anything better to do out here. ...Ugh.

[[SFX: Sound of chains rattling; Chen shifts uncomfortably]]

Kai: Hold still, sir, and I’ll see what I can do about those manacles.

X: [[Frowns]] Also, what happened to your leg?

Chen: Got hit with a compliance mandate. Heh. Literally.

X: Oh my gosh. [[Horrified]] It went all the way through your armor!

Chen: [[Wryly]] I’ll let you in on a little Caldwell Enterprises secret -- the armor’s just for show. Nothing but cheap plastic and -- ow!

Kai: Sorry. It helps if you hold still.

Dani: [[Pipes up from the doorway]] Oh! It’s the same with our lab stuff -- it looks impressive from a distance, but really it’s just cheap garbage. We -- well, Dr. Ahmad-Miller calls it “cognitive behavioral therapy”.

Chen: [[Amused]] Heh. What a load of -- Ow!

[[SFX: Manacles clatter to the floor]]

Kai: All done, sir.

X: Can you stand?

Chen: Yeah, I think so --

[[SFX: X’s yelp as he stumbles, and a thump as Chen crumples to the floor]]

Chen: [[Dizzily, from the floor]] ...That’s a negative.

Kai: Here. [[Offers Chen a hand, helps him up.]]

X: [[Simultaneously]] Here.

Chen: [[Grunts, slings an arm around Kai’s and X’s shoulders to steady himself.]] Thanks. Augh -- nope. [[He crumples to the ground again.]] Hoo boy.

Kai: Sir, you're injured!

X: And more than just your leg... [[Squints]] It’s super dark in -- holy crap! Chen, like, half of your ribcage is gone! Why didn’t you say something?!

Chen: [[Weakly]] Didn’t want to complain…

X: [[Background]] ...Oh my gosh

Dani: We need to get him to the infirmary, now!

Kai: [[Menacing]] Who did this to you?

Chen: The Councillor’s assistant. Again, it’s a long story.

X: You can tell us about it later, after we get you to the infirmary. [[Aside]] Man. I am compartmentalizing a lot today.

Kai: X, could the infirmary on the Cavatica handle this?

X: [[Shakes head]] Uh, no -- it's dead -- the infirmary, I mean -- and any supplies are going to be way past expiration. I could synthesize some antibiotics, but… if we’re going to treat Chen, we need to do it here.

Kai: All right. [[Lifts Chen carefully in a fireman’s carry; sound of slight hydraulics from suit.]] I’ve got him. Let’s move.

[[SFX: General movement of people. They walk a ways.]]

X: [[Stops walking]] Wait -- Kai, do you think my mother could be here? In one of these… cells?

Kai: I don’t know -- there are hundreds of them. We’ll have to come back later for a more thorough search.

Dani: [[Pipes up]] Your mother -- you’re talking about the body with all the fungus?

X: Yes! Where is it?

Dani: It’s been quarantined in one of the labs.

X: [[Frowns]] Quarantined? The fungus isn’t even toxic.

Dani: I think it’s more because the body’s not… exactly… dead, and no one can figure out what’s keeping it alive. [[Winces]] Her. Keeping her alive. Sorry.

X: No need to apologize. Can you get us into the lab?

Dani: Oh. Maybe. [[Looks uncomfortable]] Though… um, my grant…

Kai: [[Understanding]] It’s all right. You can tell them we threatened to kill you if you didn’t help us.

Dani: [[Sounds relieved]] Okay. Then yeah. Totally.

X: Sweet! Everything is going super smoothly.

Chen: [[Faintly]] So... what’s the plan?

X: Sounds like the infirmary, then the lab. Then, everyone spills the secret information they’ve been hoarding.

Chen: No, I mean for the overall mutiny.

X: Oh.

Kai: The plan is to get all of us aboard the Cavatica --

X: [[Interrupts]] And my mother’s body.

Kai: -- and seal it off so Caldwell Enterprises can’t get back in.

Chen: And... when they blow up the Cavatica with all of us inside?

Kai: They won’t. The cargo on board is too valuable.

Dani: And from what I’ve heard in the labs, they need the technology developed by the Ra Initiative. Though I’m not sure what for.

Chen: [[Thoughtfully]] Well, at least they can’t call for backup.

Kai: [[Surprised]] They can’t?

Chen: Ra’s interference is too strong. Remember when we first approached the Cavatica, and had difficulty radioing X?...

Kai: Oh.

Chen: [[Reflects; To Kai:]] Wow. Was this whole mutiny thing a rash, unplanned decision? Or did you think you could take on shiploads of reinforcements single-handedly? You really are human, Kai.

Kai: [[Takes this as a backhanded compliment]] …Thanks.

X: So… they'd have to leave to get reinforcements? That’s good. But there are still… what, twelve Caldwell Enterprises employees we have to worry about, not counting our group and the Fixer?

Chen: Sounds about right.

Kai: Turn here.

X: Okay. [[Pauses]] Heh. I’m kind of nervous we’ll run into Security.

Kai: [[Drily]] We are Security.

X: ...Right.

[[SFX: Footsteps, elevator door, etc.]]

X: So, who’s all left?

Kai: Uh… Bae, the pilot. Two Councillors. Their assistant. Ms. Moretti. And the Science and Engineering teams.

Dani: [[Lists them on her fingers]] Doctors Benitez, Skarsgaard, Adrisi, Pham, Ahmad-Miller, and Nakamura. Oh, and Dr. Keane, though I couldn’t find her anywhere.

Kai: Mutiny protocol has them shut away in their chambers, so they shouldn’t be a problem.

[[SFX: Ding, elevator opens. They step out.]]

Dani: Here -- turn left.

[[SFX: Footsteps; Chen groans in pain]]

Kai: Stand by.

[[SFX: Card swipe; negative beep. Another card swipe; another negative beep.]]

Kai: [[Grimly]] Uhhh. Thor’s card isn’t working. They must be on to her.

Dani: Here. [[She swipes her card]]

[[SFX: Door to infirmary beeps (positive), opens]]

Chen: [[Weakly, to Dani]] Thank you.

X: [[To Dani]] Yes... thank you.

Kai: Let’s get him over to that --

Dani: Wait. That one’s occupied -- looks like Dr. Nakamura. (He got welded, somehow…?) Try the one across from it.

Kai: X, help me with his feet --

X: Oof. There. Okay. We need a whole bunch of sterilized bandages, hemostatic sponges, an IV for fluids, something for the pain…

Dani: I’m on it.

[[Dani moves, rifles through some nearby drawers.]]

Dani: Here are the sponges. [[Throws some packets to X]]

X: [[Catches them]] Thanks.

[[SFX: Tears open the packets of hemostatic sponge]]

Kai: [[Alarmed]] He’s unconscious.

X: [[Frustrated]] ...Ugh, I don’t even know what some of this equipment does.

Kai: That’s okay. We’ll figure it out. Is there just a first aid kit we can --

Dani: [[Stage right]] Dr. Keane?!

X: [[Turns]] What?

Dani: [[To X and Kai]] She’s over here, in this bed. She’s unresponsive.

X: [[Turns]] Oh my gosh. What happened to her?

Kai: [[Sharply]] X, focus. We need to stop Chen from bleeding out.

X: Right. Okay. Dani, can you please hand me those --

[[SFX: Bulky thunk, background noises grind to a halt]]

X: Oh, crap.

Kai: They shut off the power to the infirmary!

Dani: But Dr. Keane is in here! And Dr. Nakamura!

Kai: [[Grimly]] Apparently, stopping the mutiny is a higher priority.

X: [[Deep breath]] Okay. We can still help Chen without power. Kai, put pressure there and pack the wound with the foam, please. After that, seal him up the best you can. Dani --

[[SFX: Intercom crackle as they bandage Chen]]

Council Member 1: [[Static-y, over intercom]] This is Councillor Van Gaal. According to the the Caldwell Enterprises Handbook of Branding and Conduct, section three hundred and twenty-four, article G-seven, mutiny is a corporate felony. Any Caldwell Enterprises employee attempting to mutiny will be swiftly subdued, imprisoned, and court-martialed.

X: [[To intercom]] Great, thanks! [[To Kai]] Okay. The seal looks solid.

Kai: I’m somewhat concerned about the Councillor’s use of the word “subdued”.

X: Well, we’re the security on the Enforcer One, right?

[[SFX: Squeaking of IV stand approaching]]

X: ...Right???

Dani: [[Out of breath]] Here’s the IV.

X: [[To Dani]] Good. Do you know how to...?

[[SFX: Intercom crackle]]

Dani: I can hook him up. Just make sure he's still breathing.

Council Member 1: [[Static-y, over intercom]] Of course, you already know this, but in times of corporate warfare, all felonies are punishable by --

[[SFX: Gun charging interrupts]]

[[SFX: Gun blast. Intercom gives a final burst of static, wires hiss, and parts of the speaker clatter to the ground.]]

X: Punishable by what, Kai?

Kai: It doesn’t matter right now. We need to get Chen stabilized, and then make our way back onto the Cavatica.

X: I feel like, once again, there is something you are neglecting to tell me.

Dani: The IV’s good to go. Now what?

X: [[To Dani:]] Grab any antibiotics you can find, just in case. And is there a gurney we can use? [[To Kai, sharply:]] And Kai, what are they going to “subdue” us with?

Kai: Remember what I said earlier about those sixteen A.I. fighters?

[[SFX: A sudden thud at the door. The vents along the ceiling begin to hiss.]]

Kai: [[Looks up]] Oh. Or gas will work, too. On you, at least.

X: [[Pulls the neckline of her shirt up over her nose and mouth.]] Dani, cover your nose and mouth, or better yet -- hold your breath!... Any way we can redirect those vents, Kai? Or are there oxygen masks anywhere?

Kai: On it.

[[SFX: Clattering of tiny glass vials]]

Dani: Here’s a bunch of ceftriaxone -- I’m pretty sure it’s an antibiotic. And there’s a gurney under this bunk. And --

Kai: Oxygen masks. Here.

[[SFX: Kai tosses them the masks. They take them and put them on, and breathe.]]

X: [[Muffled behind mask]] Okay. We’re going to be okay.

Kai: We just need to get back to the Cavatica. Stand back, and start transferring Chen onto that gurney.

X: [[Muffled behind mask]] What are you going to --

[[SFX: Gun fires at the shut door.]]

X: [[Muffled behind mask]] Ah. Okay. Good thing this mystery gas isn't unexpectedly flammable or anything…

[[SFX: They set up the gurney, and load Chen onto it.]]

[[SFX: Sparking wires as Kai hotwires the door.]]

Kai: Get ready to hightail it back to the Cavatica.

Dani: [[Muffled behind mask]] Chen's strapped in.

X: We're ready.

[[SFX: Metal door screeches open manually.]]

Dani: [[Startled]] Oh!

X: [[Sounds relieved]] Hey! Chance! Good. I was worried -- [[Gasps]]

Chance: [[Shaking, nervous]] Sorry, guys.

Kai: Wait -- !

[[SFX: Gun fires; Sound of a heavy body falls to the ground. Sound of circuits shorting out.]]

X: Kai!

Dani: [[Simultaneously]] Kai!

[[SFX: Gun charging]]

X: [[Holds out hands]] Chance, wait -- !

Chance: [[Apologetically, as if trying to reassure]] Don’t worry. It’s set for stun.

[[SFX: Stinger]]



CREDITS (In order of appearance)

X: Sarah Rhea Werner

Kai: Josh Crute

Thor: Alyce

Chance: George Telonis

Council Member: Thoreau Smiley

Dani: Jamie Killen

Cpt. Miles Chen: Lincoln Donovan

Written by: Sarah Rhea Werner

Directed by: Jon Krause

Casting: Jon Krause

Produced and Edited by: Sarah Rhea Werner

Music & Sound Effects: