Season 1, Teaser Trailer 2: "In A World..."

My friends, the second trailer for Season One of the Girl In Space podcast is HERE FOR YOUR EARS!



[[SFX: Ambient space station noises]]

X: In a world…

[[SFX: Low rumble]]

X: ... Just kidding. I’m not in a world. Or on one, for that matter. I’m in space.

And you’re listening to my audio diary. Whoever you are.

If you even exist.

If I even exist.

...I feel like this trailer is not going the way it’s supposed to.

I feel like I should add in some lasers and explosions and angry shouting and maybe a couple of those “bwommmp” sounds. But none of those would accurately portray life out here on the Cavatica. Which is largely quiet and uneventful.

Except for when Charlotte malfunctions. And parts fall off the ship. And unexplained lights appear on the horizon. And… okay. Maybe “quiet and uneventful” is the wrong phrase to use.

How about this: In my audio diaries, you’ll find: mystery, weird insects, existential crises, twisted family secrets, natural and unnatural phenomena, creepy messages, delicious cheeses, truth, beauty, proper use of a stereomicroscope, and maybe even love.

…But no guarantees.

All right. Time to get back to work. This science isn’t going to do itself.

Season One of Girl In Space launches September 2017, with a new episode every two weeks. Subscribe using your favorite podcast app, or stream episodes at It’s all here. In space.