Season 1, Teaser Trailer 1: "A Blip"

Enjoy the very first trailer for Season One of the Girl In Space podcast!



[[Music: Light, airily pulsing rhythm with dark undertones.]]

[[SFX: Static]]

X: This probably isn’t really worth noting, but during my final radiation tests of the day, I saw a blip out in the opposite direction of Ra. It’s a bright light, with the pinpoint clarity of a star, but obviously, it’s not a star, since it wasn’t there yesterday.

Or even a few hours ago.

... Also, it’s moving.

Charlotte's taking this new development with all the grace of a garbage fire. She barged in on her hydraulic arm while I was checking Ra’s radiation emissions earlier and started reciting the entire Caldwell Enterprises Emergency Preparedness Manual to me from start to finish.

I took that to mean she thinks the incoming light is a matter of some concern.

I told her to be more optimistic -- that it might not be coming directly toward us, that it could simply be a mirage, that she technically doesn't have a death to fear.

But she just started reciting the manual all over again from the beginning, so I wedged a fallen tree branch up into the hydraulic tracks to block her from exiting the glasshouse.

[[SFX: Static]]

X: Season One of Girl In Space launches September 2017, with a new episode every two weeks. Subscribe using your favorite podcast app, or stream episodes at

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